Annual Report 2015

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Since its origins in the late 1960’s, the Center has continued to reflect the multiple needs and priorities of Valley residents. Our outstanding programs and services have a major impact on the quality of life for Valley residents from infants to seniors, families and singles, working people and retirees.

Highlights of our accomplishments for the year ending June 30, 2015:

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A  Typical  Thursday  at  the  Community  Center  

Every  Thursday  more  than  500  people  visit  the  Community  Center.    They  range  in  age  from newborns to people in their 90's -- and  every  age  group  in  between.  

The  Center  is   bustling  with  activity  all  week  long,  including  weekends,  with  morning,  afternoon,  and   evening  classes  and  meetings,  gallery  shows,  performing  arts,  and  community   gatherings.  But  Thursday  is  always  our  biggest  day.    People  come  to  socialize,  enjoy  the   music  and  art,  have  a  great  meal  with  their  friends  and  neighbors,  volunteer,  get  food   from  the  food  bank  or  to  talk  with  members  of  our  staff  with  some  questions  or   concerns  that  they  have.        

This  is  what  a  typical  Thursday  at  the  Community  Center  looks  like:   

8:30 am:      Marin  Food  Bank  truck  arrives  and  is  unloaded  by  volunteers

8:30-­10  am:      Tables  and  place  settings  are  set  up  for  Senior  Lunch

10  am--Noon:   First  5  Playgroup    

11  am-­Noon:   Qigong  and  Flowga  classes  for  seniors  

11:45  am--1pm:   Food  is  delivered  and  served  for  Senior  Lunch

1-­2:30  pm:  
Senior  Activities  
Occupational  Therapy  with  Dominican  University  students  
Public  Health  Nurse  checks  blood  pressure
Individuals  meet  with  West  Marin  Senior  Services  case  worker
Jazz  in  the  afternoon  in  the  Valley  Room
Food  Pantry  is  open  for  Seniors   Senior  Ping  Pong  in  the  Gym  

 2-­5  pm: Food Pantry  is  open  for  local  people  and  families.   Soup  and  hot  lunch  is  available  for  food  bank  visitors  

3-­5  pm:  
LOFT  is  open  for  kids  in  grades  4  and  up  for  recreation  and   socialization
VAST  tutoring  for  elementary  and  high  school  students   Youth Sports  activities  in  the  Gym  

5-­6  pm    Clean-­-up, food  stored  in  the  Food  Pantry

6-­9  pm Community  classes  and  meetings Sweat  Your  Prayers  in  the  gym