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Marian Cremin
Barbara Brauer
Anne McClain
John Beckerley
David Lakes
Alexander McQuilkin
John Rutledge
Carol Rebscher
Mike Cusick
Steve Granville
Barbara Hoefle

Jean Berensmeier, Founder

Board Member's Biographies
Marian Cremin

Marian CreminMarian Cremin moved to Forest Knolls in the San Geronimo Valley from Hells Kitchen, in Manhattan in 2000 to join her now-husband, poet Albert Flynn DeSilver. She had always been an avid hiker and biker and was thrilled with the miles and miles of trails right in the back yard.

Learning about the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, then called the Cultural Center was another wonderful part of moving here. Coming from NYC, where you often don’t even know your next door neighbor, to a place that has such a cohesive center open to all the valley’s residents was a great joy.

Marian has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 20 years and worked with many different populations. She began her career as a Mental Health Clinician at Rikers Island, New York City’s jail, and went on to coordinate programs throughout the five boroughs of NYC, mostly doing crisis work with families in their homes.

Upon moving to the Valley, she opened a private therapy practice in San Anselmo, worked as a consultant to Marin County Community Mental Health and started a girls’ group through the Valley’s own Teen Center. She now directs Visiting Angels Senior Home Care, which she co-owns with her husband. Marian and Albert now live in Woodacre in a house they completed building in 2005.

Anne McClain
Anne McClain

Anne McClain grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She moved to the San Geronimo Valley in 1976 after graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Drawing, Painting and Crafts along with a minor in Art History. She was drawn to the Valley by its natural beauty and by the strong feeling of community. That feeling was exemplified by the little Spanish-style building right in the heart of the Valley, the Community Center.
Currently, she wears many hats as mother to Alexandra and Ariana, artist, building designer and along with her husband, Skag Dukkers, as a rental property owner and manager. Until her daughters graduated from the Lagunitas School District she was also an active volunteer in the Open Classroom and the Middle School and has served on various school committees.   After many years of participating in the Center’s Spring Art Show and getting to know the community through the school the time was right to get more involved in the Community Center and our wonderful Valley community.

Barbara Brauer

Barbara BrauerBarbara Swift Brauer is a freelance writer and editor who has worked in Bay Area publishing since 1975, on books on every topic from cookbooks, fine art, and public policy, to family psychology, travel, and poetry.

Barbara and husband Laurence moved to San Geronimo in 1984 with young son Gordon and fledgling business Wordsworth, both of which soon thrived in the Valley community.

Barbara remembers back to Wordsworth’s early involvement with the Community Center, which had just been renamed the “Cultural Center.” In 2004, she and Larry were recruited for the editorial committee of the 2006 Resource Guide for the now re-renamed Community Center. It was so much fun, they have remained on the Communications Committee and now produce the Center’s quarterly newsletter, Stone Soup.

John Beckerley

John was born and raised in San Francisco, he is a graduate of San Jose State and a Vietnam Veteran.  He married his wife Kathy in 1970 and they have 3 sons and 7 grandsons.  They moved to San Geronimo in 1976. 

John served 30 years as a San Francisco Firefighter and is now retired.
During the 34 years that John has lived in the San Geronimo Valley he has coached soccer, basketball, and Little League Baseball.  He has been the head of St. Cecilia CYO for 30 years. 

He began working on the building of a Gym for the youth of the San Geronimo Valley in the late 1970's and the dream came true this year with the opening of the Gym. John has played and still plays basketball on Saturdays at the schoolyard.  The game has been going on continually for 34 years.  John is happy to join the board and contribute whatever he can to enhance this wonderful community organization.

David Lakes
Georgiana Herandez

After 33 years in San Anselmo David and his wife Stephanie came "over the hill" to Lagunitas in 2009.  This move coincided with retirement as a physician (medical oncology/hematology) at the Kaiser Medical Center in San Rafael and graduation from college of his younger daughter. 

The valley's natural beauty and wonderful community were irresistible.  David has several volunteer medical gigs (teaching at UCSF, Rotacare in San Rafael), but now has the time for carpentry projects and bowl turning, the energy to play music (amateur cellist), and the willingness to follow his wife's commands in the garden. 

The evolving concept of a wellness center in the Valley will be a great challenge.  The SGVCC knows the "pulse" of the valley, and David looks forward to serving his new community. 

Alexander McQuilkin

Alexander McQuilkin and his family moved to Woodacre in 1992 when Alexander was just 1 year old. Alexander attended Lagunitas School from Kindergarten through 8th Grade, then attending Drake High School and College of Marin

He has been an active volunteer for the SGVCC for the last 7 years assisting at numerous events, including the Holiday Faire, the annual Talent Show(where he is Assistant MC with Jasper Thelin), the weekly Food Bank, Senior Lunch as well as participating in the SGVCC’s Summer Camp as a Counselor. He is also still running McQuilkin Family Music Hour with his dad, 3 times year.

He also regularly attends SGV Healthy Community Collaborative and St. Cecilia’s CYO Basketball with Mike Davidson we will be retire this year we have been working together I was a part of the Teen Advisory Committee and Gym/Teen Loft Programs were in development. In addition to his many volunteer hours for the SGVCC, he has also served as a member of the San Geronimo Valley Lion’s Club.

Alexander is committed to participating and serving his community.  If there is an opportunity to help out, he is always there.

John Rutledge
John Rutledge

Experiences throughout his life have shown John what he loves the most: family, friends, learning, and the outdoors. John spent his early years in Boston. Living in the Brighton neighborhood, he and his family often explored the museums and historic areas of the city. At age 12, he moved to a rural town outside of Hartford, CT where nature and sports became integral elements of daily life.

While studying at Hamilton College, John interned in San Diego for two summers. The cultural and geographic differences from the Northeast planted the seed for West Coast living. But first, John returned to Boston after graduation where he started his career in investing. In 1996, he and his then-girlfriend-now-wife, Michelle, drove across the country to live in Marin County. Once here, John spent so much time on the trails in the Headlands that he ended up as a volunteer for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. John, Michelle, and their two children moved to West Marin in 2009.

John continues to work in the investment field. He earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and leads the Foundations of Finance series of workshops at the SGV Community Center. Keep an eye out for him in the Valley while he’s bicycle commuting with his bright yellow shirt, or out on the trails where he likes to run like an antelope.

Jean Berensmeiser, Founder

Professor of Physical Education at the College of San Mateo (1956 - 1993) coached fencing and founded programs in modern dance, massage, physical fitness and womens weight training; Founding member of the San Geronimo Valley Community Center - Board member (1969 - present), Editor of Stone Soup; Founding member of the San Geronimo Valley Planning Group - Steering Committee member (1981-1996), Chairperson of Community Plan Update 1996, Chairperson of Community Plan Amendment Committee 2003 - present; Marin County Parks & Community Commission (1977 -1996), Trails & Bikeways Committee Chairperson 1977 - 1996; Marin Conversation League Board of Directors (1979 - 2003), President 1990 - 1992; Marconi Conference Center State Historical Park, Board Member 1990 - 2002, President 1992 - 1995 and 1998 - 2002; Co-founding member of Wilderness Way - President 2001 - present; Lagunitas homeowner since 1963.

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