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Dave Cort

Dave Cort Executive Director
My wife “Howie” and I moved to the San Geronimo Valley in 1978 after I graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois. We didn’t have a plan to live here, one day we somehow landed in the “Valley” after getting lost on the back roads of West Marin. We feel so fortunate to have raised our son Daley and our daughter Sadie here and that we both work and live in the Valley. This is truly an extrordinary community. For fun I enjoy playing basketball, skiing, golf, hiking, swimming and rooting for teams from Cleveland. I love to barbeque and make homemade pizza in our outdoor wood fired oven.
415.488.8888 ext. 224

Suzanne Sadowsky

Associate Director & Valley Resource Center Director
I’ve lived in the Valley since 1975 and I started working for the Community Center in 1997. As the Center’s Associate Director I have my hand in lots of different things that go on here. The Valley is an amazing place to live and raise a family and the Center is a wonderful place to work. I moved here from LA when my daughter was 2. She went to the San Geronimo Valley Preschool and the Open Classroom of the Lagunitas School District and now her kids are following the same path. I grew up on New York City – and some people can still detect a slight New York accent in my speech. I lived in Southern California for eight years before moving to Woodacre. I’ve served on the Board of West Marin Senior Services, Coastal Health Alliance and I’m a founding member of Gan HaLev, the Jewish Congregation of the San Geronimo Valley. Life is good!

415.488.8888 ext. 251

Poko Giacomini

Facilities Manager, Human Service Administrator

415.488.8888 press ext. 250

Larry Rippee

Larry RippeeVisual Arts Coordinator & Stone Soup Ads
415.488.8888 ext. 252

Julie Young

Julie YoungLOFT & Camp Coordinator
Julie came to the Community Center almost 10 years ago as an AmeriCorps Family Advocate, working directly with the kids in our afterschool childcare programs. She now works throughout the Community Centers programs: In the month of July as Summer Camp Director, throughout the year with Human Services, Youth Programs and the Arts & Events. She is a mom of two girls growing up and going to school here in our beautiful community.
415.488.4118 ext. 218

Susan Shannon

School-linked Programs, Student Meeting, Emotional Literacy, Youth Team
I have been so blessed to be a part of the Youth Programs at the SGVCC since 2000! From the Beanfest to SKIP, from Yo' in the Valley to the Student Meeting, from The Sproutfest to the Bestival Festival, from the Teen Center to the LOFT, from just me and a few others to a whole Youth Team-Wow! The amount of good solid multigenerational fun I've had ALONG with helping grow the Youth Team as it is now-well, how could I be so lucky! Great kids, great adults, great work, great inspiration! And-I'm always looking for more inspiration, which led me recently complete a Masters degree with a focus on multicultural and youth issues. Please contact me and let me know your ideas for upcoming events,
programs, classes, projects!

415.488.4118 ext. 219

Nicole Ramirez

Human Services Director

Program Coordinator - Revivir la Cultura

Teacher - Summerbridge & ESL

415.488.8888 ext. 254

Se habla Español

Lynn Charne and Allison Pringle

VAST after school tutoring
415.488.8888 ext. 214

Howie Cort

"Gym Dudette"
415.488.4118 ext. 219

Buck Chavez

"Gym Dude"
415.488.4118 ext. 219

Heather Richardson, M.S.

First 5 coordinator, Loft and Youth Programs Development, M.F.T. Trainee
Hi!  I'm Heather Richardson, proud Valley momma to Sadie and Jacob. Here at the Center and Loft, I do a whole lot of  family advocacy, crisis intervention, program development and community building. I received my B.A. from UCSC, a teaching credential at SSU, my M.S. at Dominican and I am now finishing my Marriage and Family Therapy coursework through the Eisner Institute, under the supervision of Cio Hernandez, MFT.  In a nut shell, I'm a woman of my word, I try my best, I laugh as much as possible, I'm annoyingly organized and I still eat raw tuna despite all the mercury warnings. I live in Woodacre with my man Josh and our two kids.

415.488.4118 x 218