Mural Restoration Project


San Geronimo Valley Community Center Mural

For continuing support of the Community Center Arts Programs the exquisite mural prints are still available. The cost for an archival print is $300. The funds raised from the print sales will be directed towards our continuing arts programming. If you have questions or would like to purchase a print call Larry Rippee, Arts Coordinator at 488-8888 ext 252.


It took 2 years beginning in April of 2003 to March of 2005 to complete this inspiring project. The 1934 W.P.A. Mural in our lobby is now restored and protected with a glass display case! Please stop by the Community Center and see our polished treasure. The restoration is pristine and the glass display case shows it off proudly!

Thank you for all your support in making this happen.

Restoration Project Background

In 1934, Maurice Del Mue created a mural in the Lagunitas School as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. This mural still exist today in the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, once the home of Lagunitas School. This outstanding historical mural is 15 feet in length x 7 feet in height and is on permanent display in the Community Center lobby. It is one of five in Marin County created by Del Mue in the 1930's and the only one still intact and on display. Due to the age of the mural it was in need of restoration.

The San Geronimo Valley Community Center recognizing the historical value and beauty of this piece, set forth a "Mural Restoration Project" in April 2003 to professionally restore and conserve the piece. We raised sufficient funding to complete the restoration-conservation process. This funding came in the form of individual donations, the sale of prints of the mural and grants from both the Marin Community Foundation and The Rathmann Family Foundation. The San Geronimo Valley Lionís Club donated $1,000 to install the new track lighting system to enhance the mural. The Community Center lobby was painted to complement the mural.

SGVCC Restoration Maurice Del Mue Mural

The restoration began on Monday, March 22, 2004 and included repair and preservation of the mural. Anne Rosenthal, a member of the American Institute of Conservation, who has worked with the San Francisco Arts Commission, collectors, and historical societies, was chosen to perform the restoration and preservation work. The restoration work was performed on-site and was an educational experience. School student tours took place and the general public was invited to view the work in progress.

SGVCC WPA Mural Restoration

Richard Lang, artist and owner of Trillium Press in San Francisco digitally modified the mural to depict how it will look once cleaned and restored and had reproduced color-fast prints on archival paper of this exquisite mural. The prints are unframed 15in. x 30in. and sell for $300.

An article on the mural entitled "Restoring the glory" was published in the Marin Independent Journal on April 6th, 2004.  Another article,"Valley of the Artists / Mural still speaks to bucolic San Geronimo," was published in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine on November 16th, 2003.