School Linked Programs

One of the Valley's best-kept secrets is that the San Geronimo Valley Community Center provides some of the most exciting programs within the Lagunitas Middle sgvcc student meetingSchool, thanks to a very mutual and symbiotic relationship fostered for years between the SGVCC Youth Team and the Lagunitas Middle School staff and faculty.  Specifically, those programs are known as: The Lagunitas Middle School Student Meeting (aka Student Government), Parent Ed Nights, the Emotional Literacy classes and to a varying degree, the Middle School Elective Program.

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Emotional Literacy
The Emotional Literacy Classes are thriving in the Middle School. The SGV Community Center's involvement with Emotional Literacy classes is rooted back to the Healthy Start grant received in the mid-nineties. The current configuration of classes is in its 6th year now. Last year, thanks to support and participation from the Middle School staff, students in grades 6-8 meetsgvcc spout fest weekly for an extended period with trained facilitators and explore the useful and necessary toolbox of social and emotional health and balance. Games, song, dance, drama, art and positive imagery are only some of the fun, deep and varied methods used in the groups. In the world we live in now, we can at least rest assured that our students are developing a very solid and healthy self image, thanks to the parents, devoted Middle School Staff and talented EL facilitators. For that we are lucky!
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Student Meeting
The Student Meeting Mission Statement reads:
"The student meeting promotes student leadership and youth empowerment.  We learn how to be active in our school community as well as our greater community.  We learn that our voices, if we raise them with respect and the intent to benefit, will be heard and recognized by the adults we work with."

For the past twelve years, the Student Meeting has created change in both our localsgvcc student meeting Valley community as well as our larger community. This year the Student Meeting has spiced up the school day with the inception of "Twelve-O'Clock Talent" offering a showcase for students to perform for their peers in a non-judgmental, non-competitive atmosphere. They have also implemented weekly lunch basketball games, with the focus on inclusivity and fun, everyone the winners! Many thanks to Buck Chavez, Ace Thelin and Sol Bice for getting this weekly fun rolling! A constant throughout the years has been the famous Lagunitas Middle School Dances! One thing for sure, our Valley kids love to dance! The kids plan from 3-5 dances each school year. These dances are usually held in the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, but once a year we rent out the Fairfax Pavilion and invite all the middle schools in Marin.

It's all about connection! Not only are the dances fun for all who attend, but they often raise funds for other local or global organizations, families or projects. Examples of past recipients are PlayPump International, an organization which provides clean drinking water to villages in Africa and other countries; Camp Sunburst, a local summer camp for kids living with HIV/AIDS; Toys for Joys, a local group that purchase gifts for underprivileged kids; the SPCA, and our Marin Humane Society. Once the kids made a gift of $1000.00 to the gym. Several other times they have given money to families in need in the Valley.
sgvcc student meeting
Parent-Ed nights have been sponsored by the SGVCC for many years. The topics range from community issues such as addiction or navigating the financial downturn, to specific middle school issues such as internet safety, bullying and homework skills. The staff of the SGVCC Youth Programs are all ears-if you have a topic you would like to learn from, let one of us know and we will find the perfect speaker for it!

With the opening of The Loft in 2009, we have a new physical location to hold the Student Meeting, Parent Ed nights, some after-school and in-school classes and all kinds of other fun events! For further info about the School-Linked programs at the SGVCC please call Susan at 415-488-4118x219 or email her at Click here to go to the LOFT website.

 With the goal of engaging with our global and local communities by providing information, activities, workshops, classes and performances, we look forward to building on this year's hard work and finding even more inspiration through strengthening our existing and new partnerships.

For Information About School Linked Programs Contact
Susan at 415-488-4118 x219 or