San Geronimo Valley Health Days

The wellness of the Valley is important to us. Wellness is knowing that those who live in and around the Valley have the resources they need to feel as peaceful, strong and energetic as possible. Wellness is a reflection of the person and the community as a whole; mentally, emotional, spiritually and physically. Our Health Days focus on all of these elements. There are a number of different programs and services that we offer to promote a healthy Valley. The San Geronimo Valley Health Days and our First 5 Health Days for young children all offer opportunities for people to get free health screens and education.

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San Geronimo Valley Health Fair

As usual we will have a wide variety of wellness and medical practitioners from western, alternative, and holistic traditions. We emphasize hands on approach and less pamphlet pushing.

Free screenings, consults, treatments, health snacks

Featuring flu shots and homeopathic flu remedy

San Geronimo Lions Club Vision Screening

Tai Chi Demo by Vicki Chase

Breast exams with TAPS

HIV and HCV testing with Marin AIDS Project

Blood pressure and blood sugar screening

Homeopathic Flu Remedy & Elderberry Syrup with Patty Brockley & Patty Regalia

Natural Poison Oak Remedy with Catherine Granville

Mercury Education from Turtle Island Restoration Project

Accuquest Hearing screening

Vision screening provided by the San Geronimo Lions

Get help signing up for Covered California, Medi-Cal and CalFresh

Also give back and keep our community healthy by giving blood in the Lions Club blood drive

There will be flu shots and homeopathic flu remedy.
This year people need to bring their insurance cards.(i.e. medi-cal,
Kaiser, Healthy Families, etc.)  There will be someone here to run
your insurance to pay for the Flu shot. If you do not have insurance
a flu shot will be provided. Due to funding cuts and lack of flu
vaccine billing the insurance companies is imperative. There was doubt if we were going to be able to offer flu shots this year. We went
through a lot of effort just to get flu shots at the Center this year
so if you have insurance please use it.

blood test san geronimo health fairSan Geronimo Valley Health Fair in October kicks off our year long programming. It is the kind of event where seniors ride their bikes to get their flu shuts, where neighbors from across the valley come together get health screenings and learn of new ways of viewing health, where friends and families share in tasting new foods and playing with interactive exhibits.

As the first event of our year long program, we pull out the stops and offer a big, fun and exciting "happening".
Here, at the San Geronimo germ Buster san geronimo health fairValley Community Center, we are bringing together a wide variety of practitioners to offer a holistic view of health care that reflects our population. There are many local professionals representing traditional and alternative approaches to health.

There are flu vaccines, dental screens, breast exams, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Homepathist and mental and emotional health educators. This all takes place in a fun, friendly, family environment that the Community Center is known for.

San Geronimo Valley Health Days     

The Valley Health Days are free and are here to serve  the Valley and surrounding areas residents. We are focused reach the most under served -- the elderly, homeless and immigrant population of West Marin, low income people, those on Medical or without insurance and people for whom transportation is burdensome. Of coarse all are welcome so if someone has a nagging medical concerns feel free to drop in to these events. We are tying to insure residents who live on a limited budget do not need forego medical attention. The Community Center wants to create a situation where prevention, education and early diagnosis are the rule and not the exception for all residents in the West Marin communities that we serve. We want to promote and sustain a community in which wellness and health are central aspects of life.

The Center is in partnership with the County Department of Health and Human Services,  the Coastal Health Alliance, Marin First 5 Children and Families Commission and Legal Aid of Marin to put on these events.

Hundreds of people have been served by our Valley Health Days some of whom had not seen a health provider in years.   We have been able to make referrals for dental work, blood monitoring, and other neglected issues.

 Each Valley Health Day focuses on a particular area of health concerns or particular population group: e.g., Seniors, Teens and Young Adults, Women’s Health, Mental Health and Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Weight Management and Physical Fitness, Health and the Environment. . Each day includes an educational component with a health educators. These practitioners provide information and answer questions on a particular subject.  

Our health screenings have included immunizations, blood sugar tests, lead tests, cholesterol testing, dental screens and breast exams. There has been a focus on nutrition, child health, general health and wellness and some on focus on women’s health, including free breast exams.