San Geronimo Email Group

The Valley has it's own little Email group. It is a great place to find out what is going on in the Valley, find a rental, advertise an event, or find items to buy for around the home.It is a YAHOO group so you will need to sign up for it. Here is the groups home page-
If you want to subscribe to the group and stay to touch with what's is going on in the Valley
and just request to become a member. It usually takes less than a day to get a response.

SGV Community Group Description

The San Geronimo Valley Yahoo Group was created to serve the members of our community... kind of like our own mini-"craigslist". Postings must be limited to happenings put on by or including people from the Valley (with some limited exceptions for other areas of West Marin including Fairfax). That means: For Sale / Wanted / Lost & Found / Open Studio Announcements / Rentals / New Business Announcements / Classes / Salmon Sightings ... you get the idea. This is NOT a discussion forum, nor is it a place to express your passionate opinions or politics. That said, we are a diverse group of friendly, community-minded folk.